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Company Technical Equipment

Current market requirements in the field of investment construction force the project documentation authors to provide a quick draft technical solution and to evaluate different alternatives of the solution. Also, the designer is expected to respond operatively to investment needs during implementation.

Tasks of this kind can be successfully solved only with the help of complex calculation methods and that requires sufficient hardware and software resources.

Application facilities from Autodesk are increased by additional applications CADKON DT+, TZB, AutoTurn, ParkCAD, Geowin, Recoc, MX (Moss), InRoads , Microstation, IRAS B etc.

High-perfomance servers
Network plotters
Profesional printers

All offices are equipped with personal computers with LCD displays, and also with scanners, printers and plotters as needed. Technical parameters of the equipment enable us to provide output at the best achievable quality. All computer equipment is regularly updated and upgraded.