Jubilejnaja metro station - Minsk


Within the projects processed by METROPROJEKT Prague, procedures and constructions were proposed on the basis of an agreement with the client, bringing added value to the client in the form of acquaintance with technologies used in construction of similar structures in the Czech Republic. Interchange excavated station of third metro line in Minsk with the possibility of transfer to II. metro line - to Frunzenskaya station

Detailed description:
- Length of the main profile of the station - 168 m
- Station width: 18.86 m (locally extended to 21.92 m)
- Method of execution: excavated (depth of the pit approx. 25 m, locally up to approx. 29 m)
- Number of floors: 4 - in the platform area, 5 - in the lobby area and the escape exit
- Presumed geology in the pit area: a combination of loamy soils and sands of different thickness and strength
- Groundwater level: determined approximately within the reach of the foundation joint
- Method of securing the station pit: spread or anchored underground reinforced concrete walls
- Designed waterproofing system based on PVC-P
- Supporting structure made of monolithic reinforced concrete