Aquapalace Praha


The biggest middle European waterpark was built in the industrial zone in extremely short term – in less than one year. Public opening ceremony took place on 7th of May 2008.

METROPROJEKT Praha a.s. the general designer did not start design works by study in a greenfield but by research of non-completed object which had waited for the investor since 2003. Time and especially poor-quality of concrete works were the main reasons of the bad condition of the construction. From the only start the designers had to deal with many problems and defects they normally don't meet with..

Completion construction study dealt with changes required by the investor in the first phase then with the documentation for change in zoning permit, documentation for building permit and documentation for change of the construction before its finishing. Except traditional professions, the project included specializations which are not traditionally part of METROPROJECT design projects - swimming pool technology, extremely complex water management, water protection again bacteria legionella, chlorine room, aquarium technology etc.

Aquapalace Praha consists of three thematic areas connected by artificial river: Big Waves Palace, Adventure Palace and Relaxation Palace. The speciality of this waterpark are the diving tubes which allow diving to the depth of eight metres. Water world is completed by restaurants, outside pools, salt water aquariums with sharks, wild river, sweat rooms, fitness, SPA and wellness offering six whirlpools, hydrotherapeutic, cosmetic and special massage procedures.

Technical base caring about the quality of air and water is located in the basement and attic premises. Waterpark has its own pool water cleaning facility, chlorine and ozone is added after filtration for disinfection.

Two parking houses for 600 cars three-level hotel with 240 double rooms are available for visitors. Hotel is connected with premises by covered above-ground footbridge.

Aquapalace in numbers:

Waterpark area: 9 150 m2

Enclosed area: 224 710 m3

Immediate capacity: 2100 visitors

Water quantity in pools: 2 800 000 litres

Water consumption: 15 litres per second.

6 helter-skelters (the longest one is 140 meters long), 1 swimming pool, 2 amusement pools, diving pool, 3 slides, 12 sweat rooms, 2 restaurants, 4 bars.

Individual palaces are interlaced by artificial rivers –of which 100 m are wild and 350 m slow. Whirlpools and massage benches are available for relaxation.