About Company

Opening Word of the Director

Dear business friends!

Let me welcome you to the new website of METROPROJEKT Praha a.s. This website presents more than fifty-year history of our company, its current situation and future plans and visions. 

Right from the start, I would like to emphasize that METROPROJEKT - it is not only an underground in Prague, although it is undoubtedly the construction through which our society originated, was developed and founded its reputation. Working on metro projects we have gained something more important than just the recognition of laic and professional public - experience. It would be difficult to find a technically more demanding and organizationally more complicated structure than the underground railway in a city with such a rich history and complex geology as Prague. That's why we're not going to be caught up with any unusual demands. On the contrary, we are pleased to be able to show our clients over and over again that the more demanding they are, the better the project get.

We hope that even if you do not already belong to our clients, you will have an opportunity to see these word prove true in the future.

Director General