The access way for disabled people in the metro station Můstek




The access way for disabled people in two metro stations Můstek (line A and B) was designed from the ground level of Václavské náměstí using cascade of passenger elevators. The lift kiosk is located on Václavské náměstí approximately 5 m from the facade of Adam pharmacy.
A pair of personal lifts leads down from the pavement level to a transit corridor. The corridor is conducted above the central aisle of the A station platform. Lift to the platform level is at one end of this corridor and continues down to the "B" station platform. There is an elevator located in the extended middle station aisle. Security and emergency staircase to the platform A will be situated to the opposite end of a transit corridor.
Můstek A is driven three-aisle and column type metro station. The main station tunnels jamb is made entirely from the cast iron tubes. It is situated below the lower part of Václavské náměstí, it has two vestibules.
Direct exit from the platform I. B is by the escalators to Jungmannovo náměstí.
Můstek B is driven aisled and column type station and lays cca 10 meters deeper than A line station and cca 35 meters below the ground level. The station jamb is made from cast iron tubes in combination with the reinforced concrete elements of flat bottom. The columns are made of steel.
The foundations of a house from the 16th century were discovered during the archaeological research (wooden water pipeline, historical tiles). According to information of archaeologists, this part Václavské náměstí has not ever been digged in such scope and depth.