Tram Line Reconstruction Mánes - Smetanovo nábřeží


It was a total reconstruction of the tram line on the right embankment of the river Vltava between Mánes Palachovo náměstí intersections. The reconstruction included also the adaptation of tram stops, including barrier-free modifications, installation of stop markers and electrical equipment and other line equipment.

The aim of the project was the proposal of the reconstruction of 1 km long section of the existing tram line on Masaryk´s and Smetana´s embankment and in Křižovnická street. The reason for the reconstruction was not only the end of life of the existing line structure on large panels but also ensuring the technical and implementing coordination with concurrent constructions under the management of the Ministry of Culture – together with the reconstruction of technological tunnels passing under the tramway line to the National Theatre (the disrepair of the tunnels limited the passage of some types of tram vehicles) and with the revitalization of the Klementinum area were the progress of implementation required the installation of several deep sewer connections to the sewer passing directly under the tram line. These works had to be carried out within the regime of stopped tram traffic; therefore Prague Transport Company and the Ministry of Culture agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding. 

The reconstruction extent was defined by the intersection with the street Myslíkova on the south and by the Staroměstská tram stop near the Jan Palach square from the north. These previously repaired sections have been removed from the reconstruction:
- Rail crossing in the foreground of the bridge Legií, implemented in 2001 and
- The section from the intersection Mánes embankment – Karolíny Světlé to the Křižovnické square, where the line was reconstructed within the repair of flood damages in 2002.
The aim of the solution was the reconstruction of the tram line and its infrastructure, including necessary modifications induced by construction. Four tram refuges (stops Národní divadlo and Staroměstská) were adapted. The tram line drainage, line power supply and trolley line, anti-corrosion measures, control and heating of exchanges, tram detection for SSZ etc have been also carried. Automobile traffic lanes and pavements were included in the reconstruction.

Construction was virtually split into three sub-sections:

1st section (Masarykovo embankment) from the street Myslíkova to the area connected with the reconstruction of technological tunnels of National Theatre

2nd section (Smetanovo embankment) from the rail crossing National Theatre (outside) to the intersection with the street Karoliny Světlé (where it is connected to the already after floods reconstructed section)

3rd section (Křižovnická) from Křižovnické square (where it is connected to the already reconstructed section) to the rail crossing on Palach square (outside square)

To change the line geometric position was not easy due to the limited width ratio. Minor improvements supporting the passage fluency were designed and the tram line drainage was installed (panels BKV had not the drainage). The tram line construction was designed on a concrete slab with asphalt surface, the so-called W-Tram system. The comfort and safety of boarding passengers should be increased (wheelchair access to stops, higher starting edge of the stops and also new poles with a dynamic departure information system). Partial improvements were also made in the area of line power supply (new back boxes, exchange of some traction masts) and also in the area of traffic lights and corrosion protection - polarized drainages were designed on concurrent steel gas pipelines, to ensure the management of stray currents outside gas lines, where the weakening of the pipe wall due to corrosion caused by stray currents could lead in extreme cases even to explosion