Tram Line Reconstruction Vršovická (Otakarova – Kubánské náměstí)


The subject of documentation was a transit linear construction - reconstruction of the existing tram line in Vršovická Street in a length of about 2,641 km. This section starts from the rail triangle Otakarova x Na Zámecké and ends in front of the triangle on Kubánské náměstí. Both rail switches were part of the triangle Vršovická x Minská and a straight section between them. The section Vršovická x Moskevská (Koh-i-noor) was skipped.

New structural tram line layers, stops and tram body improvements, tram line drainage, electrical equipment at stops, trolley lines, exchange control and heating, tram detection for SSZ controllers and track cables. Solution of roads and pavements has not been subject matter of the construction. Tram line was established on cross reinforced concrete sleepers in ballast, in the area of track circuits on wooden sleepers. Wide foot rail 49E1 has been used in the maximum range, in other cases groove rail NT1. Grassy surface without irrigation has been designed as track cover with exception of crossings and stop areas. The track cover adapted for buses has been designed for the area of tram stop Bohemians in both directions.

The covered sections of rails were equipped with anti - noise elements. All tram stops (except of Bohemians) have the platform edge 240 mm above TK which enables barrier-free entry. The platform width is 3.70 m is at the widest part so it enabled to fit the shelters. Tram track line has been designed with regard to the existing longitudinal and transverse slope of simultaneous communication, cross-crossings and requirements for disabled access in areas of pedestrian crossings.