Optimalizace traťového úseku Zábřeh-Krasíkov TUNEL HNĚVKOVSKÝ II.


The Prague-Olomouc railway line belongs to the 3rd Transit Railway Corridor. The slowest parts was necessary to lead via new track. Česká Třebová – Zábřeh Section consisting of several bridges and tunnels including the Hněvkov II Tunnel, belongs to such sections. We perceive only an inside face of definitive lining from the excavated section, the main tunnel part. It was constructed after completion of the excavation works using a NATM method. Ordinary people more often appreciate tunnel portals visible in the landscape. Due to tracing of the Hněvkov II Tunnel, the portals are not very common. They are interesting from both technical and architectonical aspect. They have overcome quite a development during both projecting and construction.