4th Operating Section on metro line C in Prague - 2nd Phase (Ládví – Letňany)


Further extension of Prague metro line C to important development areas Prosek a Letňany.

The extended line of Line C from Ládví station to Letňany and its stations Střížkov, Prosek and Letňany have significantly improved the transport in eastern part of the Northern City with a total of 62,000 residents and 46,500 jobs. Bus terminal for public transport buses (commuter and long-distance) by the station Letňany, accompanied by P + R parking for 700 cars, strongly supports the operation of large parts of northern and north-eastern territory of this region. Project solution allows the line C station continuation from Letňany station further to the north and northeast.

An excavated object with reversing and running lines was realized behind the Ládví station. Its construction continues in two-rail bored tunnel to the station Střížkov with a difficult crossing of bridge Vysočanská street over Liberecká street.

Basic data
Construction length of the Ládví – Letňany line 4602 m
Mined by NATM  2360 m
Maximum gradient  39,5 ‰
Minimum curve radius of track lines  500 m
Minimum circular curve radius of track lines  1600 m
Station number  3

Station distance
Ládví – Střížkov  1580 m 
Střížkov – Prosek 1005 m
Prosek - Letňany 1839 m

Station depth
Střížkov  6,3 m 
Prosek  10,6 m
Letňany   10,3 m